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providing creative photography for families and businesses.

  • Why use Rogue Ginger Photography
    • Beautiful Images

      We offer a bespoke photography service with one aim in mind; to produce imagery that you will fall in love with. Whether it’s presenting your products or capturing a personal moment, our photography will deliver and leave you wanting more.

    • Experience

      Andy Ruck is a well respected photographer in Kent, who specialises in many different areas of photography. From commercial and education work through to family portraits and weddings, Rogue Ginger Photography will make sure you get images you’ll treasure.

    • Fantastic Service

      Many shoots rely on good weather, or are constricted by timescales. We work with all our clients, both domestic and commercial, to ensure that any needs are met. We can build in flexibility to your project to allow for any issues that may arise that are beyond your control.

    • Commercial Photography
      Commercial Photography
    • Education & Non-profit
      Education & Non-profit
    • Family Photography
      Family Photography
  • Why choose Rogue Ginger Photography?
    • Beautiful Photography

      We offer a bespoke photography service with one aim in mind; to produce imagery that you will fall in love with. Whether it’s your annual family portrait, presenting your products and services or capturing your school spirit, our photography will deliver and leave you wanting more.

    • Experience

      Our photographer Andy Ruck has over 13 years experience shooting both commercial and domestic work – including photography for small companies, schools, families and charities all over the UK.

    • Flexibility

      We understand (especially in the current climate) that all plans can change at the drop of a hat. We offer flexibility on all our shoots and try to work with our clients to make sure that if the unexpected happens, your shoot can be rearranged for another time.

    • Mobility

      We regularly travel across London, Kent and further afield when needed to keep our clients happy. Working on multiple locations, bringing the studio to your places of work or shooting around the home, we ensure you get amazing photography in a time and place that is convenient for you.

    • 24 Hour Bookings

      We work with families, businesses and the public sector 24/7, and are used to working with clients based on their needs. Whether you’re a trade working nights on building sites, or you’re trying to avoid school run for your newborn shoot, we can provide photography that works for you.

    • Broad Skillset

      Having worked on multiple projects over many years, we can offer a wide range of photography, video and design services to your business or family.

  • We can help you...
    • have amazing photography of your family or workplace
    • create memories to share with others
    • build a library of high quality original photography
    We can help you avoid...
    • having blurry out of focus photos
    • taking important photos on your 'amazing' camera phone
    • missing events because you've been lumbered with photographing them
    • Fundraising in Sevenoaks
      Fundraising in Sevenoaks
      Sevenoaks Chamber of Commerce
    • Website Photography Shoot
      Website Photography Shoot
      O'Brien Electricals
    • Commercial Vehicle Shoot
      Commercial Vehicle Shoot
      Landcruise Motorhome Hire
    • Andy was fantastic very professional and I was overjoyed with the result of the pictures

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      Sarah Chanchai | ,
      Sarah Chanchai
    • Thanks so much for sending through all your photos. They look amazing!

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      Dave Allen | ,Landcruise Motorhome Hire
      Dave AllenLandcruise Motorhome Hire
    • We use Andy's services on a regular basis for our business portfolio.

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      Danielle Norfolk | ,
      Danielle Norfolk
    • Vintage<br /> VW Campervan
      VW Campervan
    • COVID 19 Coronavirus and Photographers
      COVID 19 Coronavirus and Photographers
    • Walking in a<br /> Winter Wonderland
      Walking in a
      Winter Wonderland
  • FAQ's
    How do I get my photos?

    We will send you an email link to a Google Drive folder contenting all of your photos from your shoot. These remain online for 6 months, after which they are archived. We will always keep your photos backed up incase you lose them.

    How long will it take for me to get my photographs?

    Depending on the service and shoot you are booking, editing time can vary. A wedding can take a week, whereas a portrait shoot can be ready within 24 hours. Because each shoot is different we don’t offer a standard delivery time, however we will ensure to get your images to you as soon as possible.

    How many photos will I get from my shoot?

    We don’t provide an exact number of images, simply because each shoot is different. A 1 hour shoot can provide between 25 and 100 photos depending on whether its a portrait, an event or a product shoot. We will discuss all outcomes with clients before you book with us so you’ll know what to expect.

    What happens if my baby cries throughout the photoshoot?

    We understand your little one may get upset on the day. This is why we allow an extra hour to shoot, and if really necessary we can come back another day if things get really frantic.

    Can I print my photographs?

    All images (unless otherwise stipulated) are suitable for both print and web use.

    Will I get to keep all the photographs?

    When you book a shoot with us, you will retain ALL images shot on the day (providing they pass a scrutiny test). We simply eliminate shots where someone may be blinking or looking the wrong way. Everything else is yours to do what you want with.